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Latin for illuminate, light up, elucidate

Light up the dark

Stand out

Nowadays individual illustrations jut out from the flood of images. Illustration always is an eye-catcher and a statement, too.

Tell your story

Illustrations support your storytelling in an emotional and exciting way. With its sympathetic ease, they lead the viewer deeply into your world.

Explain efficiently and unforgettable

Pictures say more than a thousand words. As infographics they illuminate abstract facts and processes in a purposeful and entertaining manner.


What can I do for you?

Illustration from sketch to final artwork
...from sketch to final artwork with flow and atmosphere
Vector illustration
Vector Graphics
...for advertising and marketing of most branches with the trendy flat design look
Illustrated maps and infographics
Infographics and maps
...made with love. Check
Illustration Printmedia Webdesign
Professional Implementation
...for print media, websites and social media marketing with over 15 years of experience

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About me

My experience for your success
Illustrator Martina Nowak

I believe in the force of illustrations reaching everyone in an emotional way. Whether book, article, advertising project or just decoration, I'm sure that your project will win using illustration.

That's because I love to find new, inventive solutions for every project, tell your story and make your customers happy.

With 15 years of experience as a bachelor of media engineering I have been putting mainfocus on illustration. I now live and work near Stuttgart in southern Germany, where I'm so glad to have a strong network of professionals.

Just write me, I'm curious about your project.

Over 15 years of experience in design

On schedule and customer-driven

Constant further training


Fine Art Prints available at INPRNT

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I'm so curious about your project

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Martina Nowak | Illustration & Grafik
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